Zcash Paper Wallet

Public Address (SHARE)
Private Key (SECRET)

What is a Zcash Paper wallet?

The name already contains an explanation - a paper wallet is transferred from a computer to paper in the form of two keys, one of which is private (blockchain address that allows you to receive transfers), and the second is public (allows you to make transactions yourself). Both keys are necessary for full-fledged work with the account, and their loss completely protects the user from personal capital. Once they get to an outsider, the new owner will have full access to the assets.

From other wallets (desktop, mobile, or online), where all information, including codes, is in digital format, paper is quite material. In order not to trust the safety of data to third-party servers, you completely isolate them from the Internet by placing them on a piece of paper, and to operate with virtual currency, integrate them into an online purse.

A Zcash Paper wallet is an offline method of storing your crypto holdings. Simply put, this is a printout of public and private keys on paper, which you must keep in a safe place. The keys are printed as QR codes that you will scan to complete any transaction.

This method is the safest as it gives you full control over the data. No need to worry about the safety of equipment, no hacker or virus can steal money. The only concern is the paper with the codes.

Do you need it at all?

The answer to this question depends on the specific circumstances. If you want to spend a summer day trading in currency, then you will not need such a carrier. But if you are going to save money for a long time, for example, you are going on a long trip, then a paper wallet is a great way to keep your savings safe.

The need for such a purse arises when a rather impressive amount accumulates, which you do not intend to access for a while. That is, it is not intended to participate in trading operations, and it is not planned to transfer it to anyone. Therefore, paper wallets are just right for the long-term storage of cryptocurrencies, and with proper handling, handling is considered the best choice.

How to create Zcash Paper wallet?

To generate an address for a wallet, you do not need to be a programmer, because this is done by specially tailored services. There are a lot of them, and the principle of operation is the same, except for some details. Working with them is simple, and for clarity, consider a few examples. Wallet Generator is a comfortable and easy-to-use website.

To create a paper wallet on it, you have to take the following steps:

  • Go to the page of the Zcash wallet generator, we read the step-by-step instructions.
  • Then it is very important to interrupt the communication with the Internet before proceeding to unpack the archive on your computer.
  • When the field for generating a blockchain address appears in the expanded window, simply move the italic mouse over it. While driving, you will see the reverse run of the counter, and when the indicator drops to zero, the system will issue a ready-made random address.
  • Two QR codes will appear on the screen, and each has its address. These are your keys: on the left for public use, and on the right for private use. We can assume that the blank for your paper wallet is ready.
  • To make it material, it remains to print it. To do this, click “Print”, after making sure that the printer is disconnected from Wi-Fi.
  • Delete saved web pages. Now you can safely reconnect to the Internet.
  • Keep the key in a secure place, inaccessible to anyone but you.
  • Things to remember about data storage:

  • Only those whose funds are held in the account should have access to the private keys.
  • Most physical storage methods are not ideal.
  • Several safe places are better than one. However additional locations should not compromise overall security.
  • All repositories have risks. Minimize them.